Maggie Scully

Scully's mother, Margaret, holds a special place in the hearts of XPhiles. Whether she's taking Dana to task or welcoming Mulder like a son, everyone has their own vision of who Maggie really is. Here you will find all her incarnations, from "Call me Mom" to Mean!Maggie to "Marry her, Fox!" If you know of any stories like these that deserve a home here, let me know and I'll add them into the site.

Be aware that a lot of these stories are really old so the email addresses listed on them may not work. If any author finds a fic here that they don't want to have included on the site, please email me and we'll discuss it. If a story is part of a series, only the part with Maggie may be housed here. I've tried to keep series fics together, but be sure to check out the headers before you start reading if you don't like to be left confused or hanging.


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