The Trefoil Series
by Lil_Gusty

The Longest Time--28K
Did you ever wonder about Ethan?

Mulder is asked out on a date; Scully helps him prepare.

Signs From God--145K
Ethan's return has Scully questioning her past, her present, and her future.

Next Step--169K
Scully makes some decisions about her future.

If You See Her--57K
"It's amazing what a difference a day can make, sometimes."

Phantom Pains--161K
Perfection isn't always what it seems.

According to the dictionary, fidelity means "adherence to the truth."

In the state of Georgia, a 1013 is the code to legally hold someone against their will at a hospital, for example, after a suicide attempt..

Somewhere between Heaven and Hell where the sins are purged and the soul is cleansed.


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