Titles A - M

Alternate Universe series by Angela W. & Audrey_Jay
Rated R for sure
Keywords: AU, MSR/DRR
Summary: Basically, this is a "blissed out" XF universe where nothing bad, other than Samantha's abduction, has ever happened to anyone.
NOTE: The link leads to the entire series on its own page.

Ashlyn by Mona Lisa
Rated NC-17
Keywords: M/O, MSR
Summary: The course of true love never did run smooth.

The Attic by Vanessa Nichols
Rated PG-13
Keywords: S, A, Mythology
Summary: Scully's life turns upside down when her mother falls ill and certain family secrets are revealed.

Baby Mine by Debbie Gramlich
Rated PG
Keywords: none provided
Summary: There's a surprise waiting for Scully. Can she handle it?

Being Crazy by Branwell
Rated NC-17
Keywords: T, A, UST, MSR, H Prequel to Condemned to Repeat It
Summary: Two stories overlap. As Mulder helps Scully investigate the kidnapping of her brother Bill's son, they find a historical accounting of a conspiracy and a love story from long ago.

By Coincidence by Cathleen Faye
Rated NC-17
Keywords: MSR
Summary: As Mulder recovers from brush with death in the Arctic Circle, he reflects on the things that he has to tell Scully before he starts running out of chances. On the same day, across town, Scully uncovers a moment from Mulder's past which she thinks provides her with clues about his present.

Candy From a Stranger by Ana Vicente
Rated PG
Keywords: S, R, AU, MSR
Summary: Years ago, Dana Scully chose not to go to the FBI Academy. Now, after meeting a strange man by the name of Fox Mulder, she is again confronted with some choices.

Cold Comfort by Flywoman
Rated PG
Keywords: MSR
Summary: Scully struggles with sibling survivor guilt that first night after the events in "Paper Clip"

Condemned to Repeat It by Branwell
Rated R
Keywords: S, H, A, MSR Sequel to Being Crazy
Summary: Mulder and Scully have been assigned to a "routine" X-File by Skinner. They don't believe it will amount to much, but it proves to be more dangerous than expected.

Cunegund's Restoration: Or the Best of All Possible Worlds, Really by Livia Balaban
Rated PG
Keywords: MSR, H, Mytharc
Summary: Despite the "hard news" angle taken by his correspondent Christiane Amanpour, CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno finally got to the point and asked the question everybody had been silently asking themselves. "So, Agent Mulder, how did the spacecraft handle?"

Devil's Advocate 02: Sanctuary by Cheryl Cohen & Annie Reed
Rated R
Keywords: SA
Summary: Life is a short display Of God's proud handiwork Given us only for a moment In order To envy immortality...J. Gary

Edana-Blake by Eileen Whipple
Rated PG
Keywords: SA
Summary: A little "what if?" after One Breath.

Faltering by DashaK
Rated R
Keywords: Mulder/Melissa
Summary: An end, a ritual, a beginning.

A Familiar Heart By Mish
Rated R-NC-17
Keywords: S, A, AU
Summary: Scully meets Mulder in 1945, after the end of World War II.
NOTE: This is an open-ended story whose sequel, An Unchanged Soul, is out there but unfinished. Read at your own risk.

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile & FelineFemme (External link)
Rated NC-17
Keywords: AU, time travel, MSR
Summary: A double tragedy befalls Mulder the week before Christmas of 2003. What if Mulder could go back in time and change things, save the son one lost and give the other the family she wanted? Could it keep them safe?

Forgiveness by Eileen Whipple
Rated PG
Keywords: Pre-XF
Summary: Melissa and Dana's relationship is tested when Melissa begins rebelling when they are younger.

Generations by Macspooky, Eowyn Evenstar, Windsinger, Juliettt (External link)
Rated R
Keywords: MSR
Summary: A long, and terrific, story by four excellent authors!
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.

Keeping Melissa by Oracle
Rated PG
Keywords: VA
Summary: You need to believe that she's still around, that she isn't all inside your head.

The Discovery Trip by Erin Blair
A Little Twist of Three
A Little Twist of One Breath
A Twist of Christmas Carol
Rated G
Keywords: MSM, AU
Summary: What if Scully wasn't the one abducted?

Lost and Found by Erin Blair
Rated PG
Keywords: MSM, AU
Summary: What if Mulder and Scully were married and had a child around the time of "Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath?" Samantha Mulder helps Scully to find Mulder.

A Madness Called Love by David Hearne
Rated PG
Keywords: Mulder/Melissa
Summary: One direction in which their relationship could have gone.

Melissa's Christmas by eponine119
Rated PG
Keywords: A
Summary: Remembering is bittersweet.

My End by Eileen Whipple
Rated PG
Keywords: VA
Summary: Melissa's thoughts while in her coma.


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